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An agreement between the Vietnamese and Spanish futsal federations led to a series of friendlies between the Vietnamese national team and some of the best teams of Southern Spain. Furthermore, some of the most promising Asian players will have the chance to enjoy a unique experience with professional clubs.

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The best futsal in the world is played in Spain. That’s a reality. Miguel Rodrigo and Vietnam want to take advantage of that. The Spanish coach is currently on the Vietnamese bench, and wants to bring the Asian country to Lithuania, where the World Cup is taking place in 2020. What does he need to do to achieve that? Vietnam must qualify for the Asian Cup first, then rank among the top 5 to qualify for the biggest futsal competition in the world.

Miguel Rodrigo has been working in Vietnam since 2016, developing and improving futsal. Today, he is taking a step further with a very important agreement for his national team.

The Agreement

Thanks to the invaluable help by the Asian federation, a trip was organised with at least three matches in Andalusia. The fixtures are going to take place between February and the end of March, namely February 27th in Seville against Real Betis FS; March 3rd with UMA Antequera; and March 6th against Jaén. This will give Vietnamese players a chance to play against top-level rivals: two playing in Spanish LNFS First Division, and one of the best in the Second Division.

In addition to this experience for the Asian team, six players will have the opportunity to join three Spanish clubs through the month of March.

The teams are:

  • ElPozo Murcia
Los jugadores que se integrarán en el equipo murciano

The players joining the team from Murcia (Image: @miguelrodrigocs)

Nhan Gia Hung: 16 years old, even though he does not look it. First call, totally unknown. He sure has qualities, he needs to make use of them.

Chu Van Tien: “The player who bears all Vietnam’s offensive weight”. A big pivot, against all stereotypes.

  • Peñíscola RehabMedic
Los dos jugadores que irán a Peñíscola

The players going to Peñíscola (Image: @miguelrodrigocs)

Chau Doan Phat: young 19-year-old who already makes the difference in Asia. He is a key player for Vietnam, his coach relies a lot on him: “He is going to be the best player in the country, in my opinion”.

Ho Van Y: one of the best players in Asia. He already showed his skills in international contexts. In fact, in 2018, he was a nominee for Best Goalkeeper in the World. Coming from volleyball, he is very big: “He has much room for improvement in Spain, as he is very selfless and eager to learn”.

  • Jaén Paraíso Interior
A Jaén llegaron estos dos jugadores

Two players coming to Jaén (foto vía @miguelrodrigocs)

Dang Anh Thai: A strong wing-pivot who has just started to be seen in international contexts: “[The experience] will be very useful for him as he needs to improve his tactics”.

Ton That Phi: “Surely our best player”. Skillful dribbler, quick and good shooter. He is the one who makes the difference in Vietnam.

Original author: Joaquín Piñero (Twitter: @JoaquinPHerrera)

English translation: Emanuele Risso (Twitter: @eman_risso)

Cover image: VietNam News

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